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HOW to choose a university of your dream and still to save money?

I know that it’s a really tough process for students to choose a university of their dreams, but we must be conscious enough to support our student and give them GUIDANCE in terms of university choices.

First of all, it is very important to consider you financial abilities before applying to a university, as it is widely known that university applications sometimes cost more than 100 USD and it can be very cost-effective to apply to more than one university.

So, from the prospect of university admission UK is pretty cheap, as for applying. to 5 universities by UCAS program you pay only 35 GBP and you don’t have to go through long process as it’s very simple. But taking into account that its not only admission expenses but tuition fees and living costs, it becomes clear that UK is very expensive both to live and to study. The fees for the universities start from 15.000 GBP to 30.000 GBP for international students, and UK doesn’t offer too much scholarships. Some universities own foundations and thus support their students, but in reality you cannot expect them to cover much of your expenses. However, student loans are offered for UK and EU students, but international students do not have this possibility.

From this aspect, US is pretty flexible, as many US unit offer scholarships and are more welcoming in terms of financial means. However, US unit ask for higher tuition fees starting from 50.000 USD which is a lot, but actually the chance of getting/winning scholarships is more possible in US.

Australia is like US, as the tuition fees for University of Sydney or University of Queensland could happen to be more than in US sometimes(I am sure living expenses are a lot cost-effective in Sydney than in any region of US).

It’s not something to get upset about, as beside the universities that ask for hundred thousands of dollars there are universities which are cheaper but still provide with the same level of education. Europe is a cheap place to study. Germany offers free education at some universities if you learn German language and speak it fluently, so making effort and studying German can easily help you to get free education in Germany. French education is not free, but it doesn’t cost a lot (something like 6000 euros at Sorbonne University).

Armenia is a cheap place both to study and to leave. The American University of Armenia has tuition fees equivalent to 4000 USD and the university provides financial aids to those who are in need.

And I think that it is important to look at the entry requirements of the university and to determine whether you are able to reach it or no. Education and the status of the university is important, but it is more important to enjoy the city you live in and the possibilities/opportunities that the university and the country that the university is located in are able to provide you.

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