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Let’s talk about relationships

Today sitting in front of the computer I was thinking if I should publish this post or no, and now finding a drop of risk in my brain I decided to post this. ( I’ll be waiting for your emails as feedbacks to understand whether it was right to publish this or no

In the modern world people are too busy to commit themselves to serious and long-lasting relationships, but on the other hand some people though to the fact that are working for 19 hours a day still find time for their soulmates. I don’t know how it happened but we came up to the stage that whenever you ask someone about their relationship everybody either avoids to talk about this or just gives a brief and traditional response, which is “IT’S COMPLICATED”. In reality, nothing is complicated and everything is pretty simple. You should love to be loved and you should sacrifice in order to get something. It seems that everybody is disappointed or heart-broken and the reason is that people became careless and indifferent to other people’s feelings.

It became more popular to cheat, it became a tendency to lie and so on… SHOULD WE STOP THIS? WE SHOULD ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IT’S NOT FUN TO PLAY WITH FEELINGS OR TO ABUSE SOMEONE.

Every single person is an individual full of hopes, dreams and love, and nobody should be taken for granted. We are a priority! Just before putting yourself below someone, just before making yourself suffer talk to yourself.

Tell yourself that you are a priority. You are a little something in the entire world, which means nothing, literally nothing. All the cells of you are particles of the universe that you created for yourself in order to have an asylum during your lonely days. You have no right to take yourself for granted, you are not in title to put yourself below anyone. Have the courage to move forward, keep you head high and just go to look for your destiny. God is always generous to those who seek for their piece of destiny, to those who create dreams out of their seas suffering from water shortage. There’s no way to end up with nothing, everybody in this world ends up with a little something, as this is what we are- a little something.

But if you are in a healthy relationship, then GOD bless you. You are lucky and enjoy it. Give as much as you can and wait for that to come back. Life is all about sharing….Share yourself to become a whole!

I will be waiting for your personal stories or feedbacks and reviews. Feel free to send me email as I am happy to reply 24/7. Confidential chatting is guaranteed.






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