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What to do if you miss someone?

In this world it happens to us that for a time we stay away from each other, and so we start to miss someone. It is a sad feeling, but we need to learn how to deal with feelings. Staying away from someone we love can seem too harsh for a decent human being, but in reality it’s all about perception.

I have a friend who was in a long distance from someone she adored, but she taught me a nice techniques that I want to share with you now. It is important to keep in touch no matter where you are, and one thing that people don’t get is that keeping in touch doesn’t really mean to send him a WhatsApp text message and wait for him to answer, or to email him somehow. People tend to think that responsiveness is important, but they forget to note that we as human creatures text someone just because we want to text them, not because we are waiting for a reply. So, the best way to deal with feelings if you are not able to contact someone is to write a letter to that person(but to never send it). Trust me, if you do this you gonna feel a lot better. You just take a paper and follow up your mind and give freedom to your feelings, after finishing you imagine his face expression or his reaction when he sees this or that sentence. Keeping in touch is more than texting, you should keep in touch by souls.

It’s really cute when you  are in a good relationship and you text each other and exchange thoughts, but sometimes life just doesn’t give you that chance. So, you’re being left alone with your feelings and that’s the time when you should KEEP IN TOUCH by souls. Life is harsh and sometimes shit just happens, so you should find a way to deal with yourself and your feelings.

Sharing is caring, and love is a lot more… Missing is nice and suffering makes your soul stronger, but if you have a drop of chance then break the boundaries and take a bus ticket, plane ticket or walk for 2934545345 kms and get to the person you need the most. Take care and keep in touch if you have any personal stories(either you want to share or you need individual and confidential chat), or if you have any comment or requests(

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