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What to do to have an efficient and a productive day?

All of us wake up and feel that the only mission we have is to lay down in the bed for 24 hours, as we think that this is where we belong to. However, we must acknowledge that usually the only reason that we fail is the waste of time. So, we must be more careful and tactic when it comes to time-management.

Actually, there are lots of video lessons or social ads that are assumed to be produced to promote social well-being, but in reality there are really simple tips to make your day a lot better.

It would sound rubbish but planning is a big deal, as it can change a lot. When you plan your day you get an understanding of what you have to during your day and it kind of keeps you in pressure to complete your tasks. So, it’s a smart decision to make up a plan for each day. But one thing you’ll like a lot, that planning is not only about your tasks that need to be completed, as planning is also about your leisure and free time. So, in this way you’re keeping a balance between your social life and between the things that you have to complete(such as job, lessons and etc.). Trust me PLANNING IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Another simple step is morning exercising. There’s nothing better than this. It could be either a 5 minute morning workout or 15 minute one, however this few minutes are going to keep you fresh and balanced through the whole day. Scientists proved that morning exercising freshens up your brain and makes a mood to go through the working day.

Sleep routine is a significant issue when it comes to planning a productive day. 7-8 hour sleep will guarantee your rest and will keep you relaxed through the day. It is important to enjoy the sleeping time, as because of the disturbance of sleep you gonna lose yourself through the day. A hot shower is recommended before the sleep and a cold shower immediately after waking up will keep you fresh.

Treating yourself is the biggest clue out of this. It could be a bar of chocolate you got for free or paid some 2 USD, or it could be a 10 USD lipstick or even 1000 USD Dolce and Gabbana scarf, it doesn’t matter as the idea of treating yourself is what matters the most, Try to surprise yourself, you should reward you for every single task you completed, or even after a hard working day buy for yourself a glass of wine. NEVER FORGET TO TREAT YOURSELF(for me a Starbucks latte works the best).

For women it is essential to make time for face masks or nail dressing. Just some time as a relaxing spa( just the idea of making yourself looking more fresh, tidy or beautiful).

For males a massage time will work ( a full body one or even foot massage is fine). Bathing with sea salt is an option too.

It is a proved technique that making yourself relax makes you more productive thourghout the day, and I think that it works the best. However, if you do these points and still feel to be unproductive try to take a break for a while, as for every 40 minutes of work each of us deserve a 15 minute break to refresh.

I hope that I could help you, but if you know another tips for a more productive day or you disagree with the mentioned points feel free to contact ( You can also email us for any kind of recommendations as our board is happy to reply you in any case! Hope you are doing fine and I’ll prepare new posts for YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU LOVE THIS BLOG!

Best regards

320.5 blog’s administration team


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