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The benefits of IB program/diploma?

Education is very important in the modern world, as here in this time we need well-rounded and professional specialist able to provide us with new and innovative researches and techniques.

The global educational scales are known to include the European baccalaureate, the Irish Baccalaureate, British A-levels and also the well-known IB DIPLOMA, International Baccalaureate. Actually, American GPA-s are widely known too.

The universities all over the world tend to accept applicant who obtain one of these diplomas, but in reality the most acceptance is given to the privileged IB diploma. From the first sight it could be misunderstood and thought that it’s kind of discrimination, but going deep and examining the program which offers the IB it becomes clear that IT SHOULD BE A PRIVILEGED ONE.

IB Diploma offers TOK, EE AND CAS studies which are not subject components, but in the case of failure one of these extra projects designed by IB the student loses its chance to get the diploma receiving a failing condition.  TOK is an abbreviation for Theory of Knowledge and is somehow like the philosophy studies. This subject teaches the students to question every possible thing in the frames of IB studies and also in their personal lives. CAS stands for creativity, activity and service, offering students extracurricular work on the behalf of self-improvement and personal growth. Moreover, EE stands for extended essay and gives a chance to IB students to write university format/style investigations/papers and researches during their IB course.

Only viewing the extra components it is seen that this project is pretty tough, but on the other hand due to this Diploma students are being given the chance to enter top universities around the world.

There are 4949 schools around the world that offer IB education. The Republic of Georgia  has 4 IB schools out of which the best one is the New School Georgia. The Republic of Armenia is known for one of the most innovative IB schools which is United World Colleges Dilijan. There are 2 more IB schools in Armenia: Quantum(poor quality and staff members do not fit IB standards) and Anania Shirakatsy Lyceeum ( very good quality and educated staff). Russia also has IB schools in Moscow, Anglo-American International school of Moscow, also the BIS Moscow. Turkey is well-known for its IB schools, such as Istanbul International Community school, which is known to be well-qualified. In Europe one of the well-known IB schools is the Amsterdam International Community school, which also is known to be pretty fine. Vilnius International School is not bad, as it provides with a wide subject list. UWC schools around Europe are high-qualified. Also, it is important to note that Estonia offers free IB education at some schools.

In the region of Asia, Global Connect Scholarship offers IB education in Thailand at Regent’s International School of Bangkok and Regent’s International School of Pattaya. Bangkok is known for its IB schools such as NIST school, KIS school and Harrow School, which offers both IB and A-level education.

Hong-Kong is a huge educational centre and it would be hard to offer some concrete IB school centre, as all of them are pretty fine and it clearly depends on your financial status.

I guess I could provide you with brief information where your children could be educated if you prefer the IB education, if no and you have some questions or enquiries then feel free to email us( , as we are happy to reply 24/7 JUST BECAUSE YOU LOVE THIS BLOG!


Hope you enjoyed this!

BEST regards

320.5’s administration team




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