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What if we create a platform for the foundations?

320.5 blog is amenable to start a social activity aiming to help those who are in need. Charities serve for many purposes, as some foundations work on educational matters providing financial means to students who study in good universities or colleges, other financially sponsor poor families in Africa or in their neighborhood.

So, 320.5 is amenable to create a network for all the foundations/sponsors in order to make the financing process easier and to get a wider range of audience. The purpose of this project is to gather all the foundations and offer them to become members of our community. After becoming partners ,320.5 blog will start the procedure of receiving admissions online from all the applicants for grants and other financial support projects. After the deadline of the applications we will send the ready-made applicants to our partners(foundations/sponsors and etc.), so in this way a wider range of audience will be obtained and 320.5 will be in charge of finding sponsors for those who are in need.

We really hope that due to this project many people will be supported. If some firms or foundations or even individual sponsors decide to join us we will appreciate their membership(which is on free basis). We strongly believe that the future of our population defines ourselves, every single one of us.

It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, whether your salary is 20000 USD or 200 USD, even 5 USD in a month devoted to the poor can make someone’s life better. In order to avoid from corruption or online money thieves, we would send proper documents to those who would decide to join the community. Access to our finances will be open to our partners. The project will start in September and we are happy to receive applications from now on (send us an email and we will send you an application if you request for _ our email is

We hope that this project could enlighten your life. Feel free to contact us by our email address anytime you want ( . We are happy to reply you for 24/7.


Best regards



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